What is Isobooster insulation?

Isobooster is an innovative, high-quality, multi-layer insulation foil, made up of multiple layers of aluminium foil alternated with air cushions. Its unique insulating effect is based on thermal reflection. Unlike the thick insulation materials that absorb heat, Isobooster reflects the heat and cold. It is a patented Dutch invention, produced in the EU.

You can use Isobooster anywhere: in new buildings or renovation projects, for the insulation of roofs, interior walls, cavity walls and floors.

Isobooster insulation foil in a nutshell

Easy and safe insulation

Isobooster insulation foil is thin (starting from 24mm) and light weight (350gr/m2), making it easy to process by yourself. No expensive or complicated tools are needed to install the foil. When insulation with Isobooster no harmful fibres or dust are released (unlike most other insulation materials such as rock wool or glass wool).

Economical energy saving

The unprecedented high insulation value (Starting at 2,4) of our insulation foil ensures immediate savings on your energy bill. Whereas conventional insulation only stops (and absorbs) heat, Isobooster insulation foil reflects hot air back into the room. This allows you to use the heat in your home much more efficiently.

Durable and environmentally friendly

Isobooster insulation is a highly durable material that can easily be recycled after demolition or replacement. As it is extremely thin and lightweight (especially compared to conventional insulation materials like glass wool or rock wool), it reduces the environmental impact of transport.

Technical specifications

Isobooster insulation foil is available in four thicknesses: (installation thickness ranging from 48 mm to 144 mm), supplied on rolls of 1.2 m in width and 12.5 m in length. You will find more detailed information in our technical specifications. 

Find out more on Isobooster or request a quote?

Click here to read more about the benefits of Isobooster insulation or click here for practical information about the installation and application of our insulation foil. If you would like personal advice or information on quotes and prices, please contact sales partner PXA Nederland.

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