The benefits of insulating with Isobooster

Isobooster offers easy and highly effective insulation solutions. The main benefits are listed below. For examples of applications, please have a look at our reference projects.

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10 reasons to use Isobooster insulation

1. Extremely high insulating value

The use of thermal reflection makes Isobooster insulation foil more effective than any other insulation material, leading to a significant reduction of your energy bills.

Depending on your requirements, you can use combinations of or with Isobooster. Thanks to its limited thickness, you can easily use multiple layers of insulation and determine your own insulating capacity. No other form of insulation offers higher R-values at the same thickness. To illustrate:

24 mmIsobooster T1R-value = 2,4 m2 K/W
56 mmIsobooster T5R-value = 4,6 m2 K/W
20 mmPolystyrene boardR-value = 0,50 m2 K/W
60 mmPolystyrene boardR-value = 1,50 m2 K/W
120 mmRockwool blanket

R-value = 3,00 m2 K/W

2. Fully recyclable and sustainable insulation

The insulation foil consists of over 99% polyethylene. Polyethylene is a good insulator, it is resistant to caustic substances and damage, nearly unbreakable and is one of the most environmentally friendly materials:

  • It is an economical raw material. Less than 1% of the total production of oil and gas is used for the worldwide production of polyethylene;
  • The manufacture of polyethylene is relatively clean and efficient: the emission of harmful substances is minimal and there is hardly any waste;
  • Polyethylene is highly suitable for recycling. It is a thermoplastic material, which means it can be melted and made into new products over and over again;
  • When eventually polyethylene is collected after use and is no longer suitable for recycling, it can be used as a high-grade fuel for the supply of energy.

3. Thin & lightweight insulation

Isobooster insulation is many times thinner and up to 8 times lighter than conventional insulation materials such as rock wool or glass wool.

It allows you to achieve higher insulating values while taking up less space. Isobooster is available in four thicknesses, from 24mm to 56mm. Thanks to its limited thickness, Isobooster takes up little space and is so light (350g/m2), that you can easily install it yourself. The limited weight and thickness of the material also have environmental benefits, as they significantly reduce the burden posed by transport.

“…I would like to tell you again how happy we are with the product. The fact that this huge improvement in the physical characteristics of the building only takes up a few centimetres is truly superb.” M. v.V. Architect in Bergen op Zoom

4. Sound insulation

Apart from providing temperature insulation, Isobooster also dampens sound. The insulation material has a sound absorbtion of at least 20dba, which is unprecedented for insulation of this thickness.

5. Safe insulation

Insulation made from mineral wool, like rock wool or glass wool, contains fibres. When cutting it to size and installing it, these fibres are released and can be inhaled. This may cause pulmonary fibrosis, a life-threatening illness. Isobooster poses no such risk. No fibres are released when cutting and installing Isobooster, making it safe to use.

6. Healthier living environment

Condensation and mould-free insulation: Isobooster insulation foil reflects thermal infrared radiation (radiant heat), boosting the evaporating effect and taking full advantage of it. As long as the vapour is allowed to escape, the air that remains is dry. Dry air insulates twice as well as humid air and low relative humidity leads to a healthier living environment. Isobooster foil offers a condensation-free and mould-resistant solution for the insulation of your home.

7. Easy DIY installation

Isobooster is so light (350g/m2), that you can easily install it yourself. All you need is a staple gun and a Stanley knife.

“Isobooster insulation is easy to install in the interior of an existing building. Right now, I cannot imagine a better product.” (Steef Bongers)

Click here for more information about installation & application.

8. Universally applicable

Isobooster insulation foil can be used in any situation: for new-builds and renovations. Isobooster is the perfect insulation material for your walls or cavity walls, behind e.g. plaster, concrete or brick. It is also highly suitable for damp-proofing basements and crawl spaces.

9. Insect and pest repellent

Thick layers of rock wool or glass wool provide a nice, warm home for pests such as mice or insects. Pests regularly reduce entire layers of insulation to dust. Isobooster insulation is highly insect repellent and wards off rodents like mice.

10. Highly durable

Polyethylene, the basic material of our insulation foil, is very strong and resistant to caustic substances and damage. This makes Isobooster highly durable, offering you years of cost-saving comfort. Tests (by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) have shown that Isobooster can last as long as 70 years!

Are you looking for truly cost-saving, easy and environmentally-friendly insulation?

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