TESTCASE: Wood-cavity-T2

Isobooster-testcase results

The fact that Isobooster works, is something our energy bills tell us every month. In order to compete with traditional insulation materials, however, we are still working continuously to prove the insulation value of Isobooster in officially recognised test set-ups and methods.


The test: Wood, cavity and Isobooster T2


This test set-up uses Isobooster T2 with air (cavity wall structure) and a wooden finish on each side. 


Interior temp. (T1):             15.2 °C
Exteriortemp. (T2):             1.9 °C
Measuring time (t):             72.13 hrs
U-value:                                    0.07 W/(m²K)


Rc-value= 14m2 K/W (Thermal resistence)


In comparison: When performing the same test with a traditional insulation material, 40 mm polystyrene board, a U value of 0.43 was established, which equals Rc = 2.35.


About the test method


Traditionally, insulation materials are tested using the so-called hot box method, but because of the specific way insulation foils work, these materials require a different method. Since this method is different from the common ‘market standards’, this method is sometimes labelled unreliable. That is wholly unjustified, because it is a recognised European standard (ISO 9869:2014) measuring method.


It is available in the Netherlands through NEN: NEN-ISO 9869-1:2014 and: Thermal insulation – Building elements – In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance. This test method uses a heat flow meter. This enables measurement of the following properties: (a) the thermal resistance/ thermal conductance from surface to surface (the R value), and (b) the total thermal resistance and transmittance from environment to environment (the U value, if the environmental temperatures of both environments are well defined). The test values communicated by Isobooster have been established using measuring equipment from the Swiss greenTEG. 


Please click here for the greenTEG report on this test set-up. 


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