Successful insulation of studio space

“In October 2008, I insulated my studio with your Isobooster.


My studio is built onto the garage and has three exterior walls plus a roof, and the largest exterior wall of 6 x 5 metres is not a cavity wall. The dimensions of my studio are: Length: 6 metres, width: 3 metres, height: 5 metres on one side and 2.5 metres on the other. Surface area of the roof: 21 m2. Before insulating it, I tried to heat the space with underfloor heating in winter (the capacity of the underfloor heating was not nearly enough for the space). The temperature was controlled by the thermostat in the living room. The space also has two 600 Wh strip lights. On top of that, I used an electric heater (2kWh) to get the temperature to a comfortable temperature of 20°C. After insulating the space with Isobooster, I no longer needed to use the electric heater (2kWh). If I switch on the two strip lights and the underfloor heating in the afternoon, by the evening the temperature has risen to 23°C. I am now forced to switch off one of the lights. (I do not need them to paint.)


At the end of April, I received my electricity bill. Now I could see how much I had saved in the seven months after insulating the studio. IT WAS 1400 kWh


Isobooster is easy to install on the inside of an existing building. At the moment, I cannot imagine a better product and I am obviously very satisfied with it.


Kind regards, Steef Bongers”

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