Renovation of apartment building De Melkfabriek with Isobooster

De melkfabriek - isolatie & renovatie

Project: The Milk Factory.
Description: Apartments in monumental building
Location: Hilversum
Client: MAT Afbouw


The Melkfabriek is Hilversum is a wonderful example of reconstruction architecture from the 1950s. This industrial monument has been restored and has been given a new function, but the characteristic details have been retained.



With its beautiful apartments, business premises and primary school, after-school care and daycare, De Melkfabriek offers a dynamic environment for living, working and learning. For the extensive renovation of this unique building, Isobooster insulation foil was used.


If you would like personal advice or information on quotes and prices, please contact sales partner PXA Nederland.

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