HDS; A simple and fast way to insulate your attic!

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The sloping roof system HDS is an innovative combination of Isobooster insulation material and Interior House ceiling panels that enables hassle-free installation of fast, high-quality insulation at a reasonable price.

  • THIN | Application of HDS takes up very little space: only 10 to 11 cm.
  • FAST | An average home with a sloping roof of approx. 60 m2 can be insulated and finished within 2 days.
  • SUSTAINABLE | All HDS components can be reused and/or recycled. Its limited volume and weight also leads to considerable transport savings.
  • LIGHT | one m2 of installed HDS weighs only 9.8 kg (Traditional insulation weighs 19 kg/m2)
  • EFFECTIVE | Isobooster T5 has an unprecedented R-value of 4.6. The supporting structure prevents thermal bridges and optimises the insulating effect.
  • EASY | The angle bars can be cut or sawn to size using tin snips or a bow saw. bow saw. The Isobooster insulation foil and tape can be cut using a sharp stanley knife. The panels can be cut with a circular saw. All the components can be fixed using screws or staples. No special or costly equipment is required.

So how does it work? Watch the video below! (Dutch)

Contact our sales organisation PXA Nederland for advice and a quotation!

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