Crawl space and floor insulation

Isolatie van een kruipruimte van een monumentaal pand

Isobooster is very suitable for the insulation of a crawl space or a floor. There are a few of things that you need to take into account in order to achieve an optimally successful insulation of your floor with Isobooster’s insulation material.


Here is an example of how Isobooster is used in floor insulation. In this case it is a crawl space application, but you can also use Isobooster in other types of floor insulation.



Below you see 2 photos of the application of Isobooster as insulation of the floor in a monumental building.


Do you want advice on the insulation of your home with Isobooster? Or would you like to request a quote? Please contact sales organization PXA Nederland.

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