Isobooster: The perfect living environment for your home or workspace, in summer and winter!

Isobooster insulation material is an innovative, high quality, multi-layer foil with an R-value of 10! Isobooster is suitable for the insulation of roofs, interior walls, cavity walls and floors of both new buildings and renovation projects. Compared to standard insulation boards, Isobooster insulation is:
  • Better for the environment
  • An economical option
  • More effective and efficient in use

This website provides all information on how Isobooster insulation works and can be used. From insulation projects and publications, to instruction video’s and test results.

For quotes and sales information, please contact sales partner PXA Nederland

Insulate smarter with Isobooster!

NEW: HDS - A simple and fast way to insulate your attic!

The sloping roof system HDS is an innovative combination of Isobooster insulation material and Interior House ceiling panels that enables hassle-free installation of fast, high-quality insulation at a reasonable price.

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Easily save with Isobooster Insulation foil

Keeps the heat inside with Isobooster insulation foil. Easily insulate your own roof, wall or crawl space and save on your energy bill.

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New Isobooster brochure

Specifications, reference projects, certificates and extensive installation guidelines. You can find it in the new Isobooster 7 brochure (Dutch) from PXA Nederland. For information on

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