Isobooster installation plans & instructions

Installation of Isobooster insulation foil

Isobooster insulation foil is available in seven thicknesses. The thinnest version with R=2.50 is only 30mm thick. Depending on your requirements, you can use combinations of or with Isobooster. Its limited thickness makes it easy to use multiple layers on top of each other and determine your own insulating capacity. No other form of insulation offers higher R-values at the same thickness.

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Applying Isobooster insulation on walls and cavity walls.

Isobooster is the perfect insulation material for your walls and cavity walls. Below, you will see how to apply Isobooster insulation foil to a wall and how to tape the overlap.


Insulating a roof with Isobooster

All flat and pitched roofs can be insulated with Isobooster, irrespective of the type of roofing (bitumen, thatch, concrete). Correct installation is crucial for the insulation material to be effective and to prevent damp problems.

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Insulating a floor or crawl space with Isobooster

Isobooster is highly suitable for the insulation of floors or crawl spaces. There are several things you need to take into account in order to achieve the best possible insulation of your floor in the crawl space with Isobooster.

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Insulating with Isobooster: installation options / technical drawings

Isobooster insulation is suitable for various applications and constructions.

The technical drawings below show some examples of installation options within various constructions.

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